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“Oh,” He said and laughed. “It’s actually an old card. I was hoping you wouldn’t need to call me about business, so I didn’t think it was a big deal.” “No, not a big deal.” “Well, now I’m working as an architect for a firm that mostly does sustainable projects.” Advertisements

Finally it hit her how simple it would be, she just had to ask him about his job. Then he should naturally ask her about hers. “So,” She began. Michael turned his head towards her. “I couldn’t really tell what you do from your business card. What do you do?”

As they ambled along the sidewalk, Katie hoped Michael would do most of the talking. There was a stretch of silence during which she let her mind wander to other things, mostly her lack of a job. She debated how tacky it would be to bring this up to him.

“Let’s walk.” Katie said. “Great!” Michael replied. Katie began to walk towards her neighborhood’s “town square,” a stucco mess of franchises and an oversized parking lot. She didn’t think that town squares could exist in the States due to most cities’ sprawling infrastructures. Certainly they did not exist in Jacksonville.

They could take her car, but she didn’t think she should drive on a first date. Looking at the sky, she wondered why she hadn’t suggested walking from the get-go. There were no clouds in sight and the air was crisp, in the 70s.  She smiled brightly at Michael.

“I’d rather you didn’t. It wouldn’t be very responsible of me.” “It’ll be fine, it’s only a few miles.” “Doctors can fix anything but a brain. Do you have health insurance?” Katie went to reply but stopped. She didn’t have health insurance and realized that this was a stupid idea.

“What?” Michael said, then immediately answered her. “Oh, no, I thought we would walk. You said the places were close by right?” “Well, not that close.” Katie replied and shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand. “Hm,” He said, frowning. “It’s fine, Michael, I’ll just go without one.”