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She had one dark freckle near the jaw line of her right cheek. Her nose came to a slight point at the tip, but it was in proportion to the rest of her face. As she struggled with the now sinking lemon, the same triangular crease formed between her eyebrows. Advertisements

As Katie fished the lemon out of her water and squeezed the juice from the wedge, Michael took advantage of her momentary distraction to scrutinize her face. Her skin was taut and smooth, stretching easily over her cheekbones, olive in hue. Her full lips were slightly off-color with lipstick.

“White or brown rice?” The waitress asked. “Brown.” Michael said and smiled thanks at Katie. She was feverishly poring over her menu and missed his look. “You ready?” The waitress asked Katie. “Uh huh. I’ll have the lo mein.”  Michael raised an eyebrow at her.  She shrugged. “Creature of habit.”

“What can I get for you guys?” The waitress looked at Katie. “Oh, start with him.” “Did you need a minute?”  Michael asked Katie. She had, after all, just ceded her first choice of dish to him. “No, you go.” Michael smiled at the waitress and ordered the red curry.

“Are you sure?” Michael wanted the curry, but he was treating her. She should get what she wanted. “Positive.” She smiled warmly again. Michael smiled back and relaxed into his chair. He realized that she didn’t seem put off by his age at all. The waitress returned with their drinks.

“That sounds good. Do they have brown rice?” “Yes, it’s pretty good. Not too dry.” “Maybe I’ll get a rice dish, too. I think a red curry.” “I was going to get that!” She protested. “Well, I can get something else.” “No, it’s your first time here. Get the curry.”

They sat in silence studying the menus until the waitress came and asked for their drink orders. “Water with lemon.” Katie said. “Water no lemon.” He said and then turned his attention to Katie. “What do you usually get?” “I like the lo mein, but I feel like rice today.”