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She had also waited tables for a couple years while she was in college, which he figured was actually just two summers since the restaurant wasn’t in the same town as her college. Two summers or two days, it didn’t matter. She had food service experience and that was enough. Advertisements

Katie approached the counter and handed Duane her application. “Thanks,” Duane began. “Let me give it a quick look over.” “Okay,” Katie said with a smile. Duane smiled back and forced his eyes down to the page, scanning to her experience. She had taught history at Fletcher, the beach school.

Duane looked back at Katie. A smile spread across his face. Of course! He could hire her to work the Sunday shift. He looked at Heather, “Take Sunday off. I’ll figure it out.” “Thanks!” “When do you get off today?” “Noon” Duane decided that was enough time to interview Katie.