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It turned out he’d moved back in with his mother, a fortune teller who worked from home, because he was kicked out of his complex for a noise complaint. Katie learned this after she’d arrived and had no money to go home. She’d stayed one night, then moved to Jacksonville. Advertisements

Katie paused. The answer was embarrassing. She had moved here for a guy she met during spring break her senior year of college. He was a bartender in Daytona and they had hit it off while she was here. They’d kept in touch, and that summer she’d moved to Daytona.

“What made you move down here to where the education system is the worst-funded in the country?” “It’s not the worst, but it is close.” Katie replied, laughing. “No, I moved here because I hate the cold.” “Why here though? Why not Arizona or Texas? Or even South Carolina?”

“Fletcher, really? That’s where I went!” “Really? You’re from here?” “Well, I grew up in Boston, but we moved down here to Mayport. My mom was in the Navy.” “Really?” “Yes, we moved here when I was sixteen.” “That’s cool. I didn’t grow up here at all. I’m from Minneapolis.”

“Napkin, napkin. Got it.” Michael said, laughing. “Now I’m really curious.” “Well, you’ll just have to wait. It’ll be worth it.” “So, what was your job before you were let go?” “I was a teacher.” “Oh, what did you teach?” “AP and honors history.” “That’s cool. At what school?” “Fletcher”

“This reminds me of a skit I used to do with one of my sisters when we were kids.” Katie continued and smiled at the memory. “Are you going to act it out?” “I need a napkin. I’ll do it on the walk home, but remember to get a napkin.”

Michael just laughed. “Kidding!” Katie said, still grinning. “I just wasn’t sure how you would be paying your rent if that were the case.” Michael laughed. “Yes, paying the mortgage is becoming a complication.” Katie replied, then frowned, remembering that she didn’t have enough money for the mortgage next month.