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Moving it to her hair, like a bow, she squeaked, “I can’t pay the rent today!” “You must pay the rent!” She turned the napkin into a bowtie and in a Clark Kent voice said, “I’ll pay the rent!” With the napkin back in her hair, she swooned, “My hero!” Advertisements

“Owe you what?” Katie looked flabbergasted. Michael smiled and waved a napkin. “Oh no!” She exclaimed. “So, let’s see it.” She folded the napkin like an accordian, cinching the middle. She held it under nose like a moustache. “You must pay the rent today.” She said in a deep voice.

Michael had expected this, so he had his answer prepared. “You intrigue me.” “Intrigue you?” “Yes.” “How so?” Katie pressed. “I’m yet to find out.” Michael looked at their empty plates. “You ready to go?” “Date over?” “We still have the walk.” He paused, smirking. “And you owe me something.”

Finally Katie broke the silence. “Don’t take this the wrong way, I mean, we’ve only just met, but something you said.” She cocked her head to the side and the upside down triangle reappeared between her brows. “You said you still love her. What are you doing here with me?”

Michael, for once, didn’t feel the need to defend Marissa. Usually he felt guilty whenever he mentioned how greedy or materialistic she was to someone else, especially to a stranger. With Katie it was different, and he wasn’t sure why. They ate in silence for awhile, but it was comfortable.

“So, you’re worried to get a divorce?” Katie asked. “Yes.” “Why? If you don’t mind.” “Concerned is a better work to describe how I feel. I still love Marissa, but, I’m also worried she’ll try to take me to the cleaners.” “Oh.” Katie took a bite of her lo mein.

“Lots of fights, and she bought a Mercedes without asking me about it first.” He said and tacked on, “It was with my money.” “A Mercedes?” “Yes, she has…expensive taste.” He wrinkled his nose and continued. “I’m sure it was me, too. It seemed nothing I did was enough.”