Duane moved behind the bar and wiped down the counter while stealing glances at the girl, Katie.
“I’ve already done that.” Heather said annoyed.
“Just making sure everything’s clean before lunch.” Duane smiled sweetly at Heather. She rolled her eyes and pushed some red oily curls out of her face.


“Just sit wherever you’d like. Did you want any water to drink?”
“No thanks.” She smiled again. Duane wondered if he could actually work with her. Employee dating obviously wasn’t allowed. If she worked here long enough to get to know him, then she could move to a different store.

“Here you go.” Duane handed her the application and a pen.
“Thank you.”
“I’m Duane.” He said and stuck out his hand.
“Katie.” She replied, shifting the application to her left hand in order to shake his. She had a firm grasp, confirming that she must have a bachelor’s degree.

“Hi,” The girl began. “I wanted to apply for a job. Do you have anything available?”
“Let me get you an application.” Duane said, smiling. The girl smiled back. Definitely hot. “I’ll be right back.”
He calculated how he might be able to fit her into the already jammed schedule.

He walked into the store. A slender girl with loose brown curls stood at the counter. She was wearing office attire, obviously overqualified for a barista job, not that he really had anything to offer anyway. She was attractive. No, Duane decided, she was hot.
“How can I help you?”

She waved before speeding away, leaving Duane gaping in her dust. He hated what she did to him. He had worked so hard to forget her, and then she just swooped in and stole that effort from him.
Heather’s voice interrupted his brooding.
“Duane, there’s someone here for a job.”

“Right.” Duane said. His spirits dropped more than when she confirmed she no longer loved him. If she ever had. “Well, see you around.”
He watched Marissa walk to her shiny new car. A car she had bought herself, but with his, he couldn’t bear to think the name, money.