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He turned slowly, maintaining a calm composure, and said, “Yes?” “Can we talk?” “I’m working. If you want to talk to me, you have my number.” Marissa rolled her eyes. “Someone stole my cell phone. I had like $200 in charges for calls to Mexico. I don’t even speak Spanish!” Advertisements

Duane entered the code to approve the coupon. “Well, Heather can help you out.” He turned and walked towards the office. “Duane!” Marissa called. He wondered what she could possibly have to say to him. They hadn’t spoken since she’d called to tell him that the divorce papers were filed.

Duane forced a smile. Marissa could be classified as an ex, but she wasn’t exactly that. He had started a year-long affair with her just under two years ago, and she’d promised that she would leave her husband. She did eventually leave him, but only after she’d dumped Duane.

“What’s it for?” Duane asked. He was required to ask. “It’s a coupon.” Heather handed him the clipped piece of paper. He looked up from the register to the customer and his mouth dropped open. “Hi Duane.” The customer said breezily. “Marissa, what are you doing here?” “Buying a coffee.”

“I need a discount.” Heather said, poking her fat head into the office. Duane rolled his eyes, then got up to go authorize the discount. Heather was ugly, empirically so, Duane thought. She had oily hair matted in scraggly curls, a round, shiny forehead, and was about 100 pounds overweight.

The good news was that the Penguins won the Eastern conference. It was a four game sweep, and he’d missed the final game because he had to work. They’d won 4-1. He cursed Starbucks quickly and opened his favorite hockey blog. The day’s entry was dedicated to Fleury’s performance.

Duane hated his job. He hated the hours, the customers, the employees and above all, he hated the coffee. The store was slow, between breakfast and lunch, and the lunch shift, Jen and Ryan, wouldn’t arrive until 11:30. Duane sat down in the office to read the sports highlights online.